Difference between digital certificate and digital signature?

Ngày đăng: 09:57 - 07/09/2021

Difference between digital certificate and digital signature?

Distinguish digital certificates and digital signatures:

_ Digital certificates are also known as identity cards or passports. With the role of confirming the identity of an object in the computer and internet environment of the organization using the digital signature certification service provided. Thus, a digital certificate is understood as proving the validity and legitimacy of the digital signature of an individual or organization.

_ Digital certificate is a key pair and encrypted data includes the following information:

+ Name of organization providing digital signature certification service

+ Name of subscriber

+ Certificate number No

+ Validity period of digital certificates

+ Subscriber's public key

+ Digital signature of the organization providing digital signature certification service

+ Restrictions on the purpose and scope of use of digital certificates

+ Limitations on legal liability of organizations providing digital signature certification services

+ Cryptographic Algorithm

_ Digital signature is known as a type of electronic signature. In essence, they are exactly the same as handwritten signatures, but here, the only difference is that they do not use a pen to sign, but are done on computers and the internet. Digital signatures play a huge role in today's businesses when participating in electronic transactions. Main feature: use it to commit the promise of the digital signer.

_ The digital certificate is the basis for the partner to confirm whether the digital signature of the business is correct or not, and the digital signature acts as a substitute for the enterprise's manual signature on documents to confirm or commit. information.

_ A digital signature is only valid when created during the validity of the digital certificate and is verifiable with the public key.

Secret key model

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