The Department of Information Security and the National Center for Electronic Authentication organize an advanced information security training course - Special topics on electronic authentication and digital signatures

Ngày đăng: 14:39 - 30/06/2021

Implement the 2016 Work Plan within the framework of the Project "Training and developing human resources for information safety and security until 2020" (according to Decision No. 99/QD-TTg dated January 14, 2014 of the Government). Prime Minister), on October 19-21, 2016 the Information Security Administration and the National Center for Electronic Attestation cooperated with the Korea Internet and Cybersecurity Administration and the Service Provider Organization of the Republic of Korea. KICA (Korea) digital signature certification service, IPMac Company organized a training course on electronic authentication and digital signature.
At the opening ceremony of the training course, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung gave a directing speech and emphasized that training to improve the quality of human resources in information security is one of the decisive factors, along with the main mechanism. books and technical solutions and systems to ensure network information security.
Attending the training course were the technical staff of the National Electronic Certification Center, the Department of Information Security, the Department of Telecommunications, the Department of Informatization, the Vietnam Internet Center, and the Computer Emergency Response Center. Vietnam and Vietnamese public digital signature certification service providers (public CA).
The trainers of the training course are experts in managing and operating the digital signature authentication system of KICA - the first public CA and currently having the largest market share in the market providing digital signatures to customers. in Korea and senior experts in Vietnam. KICA experts exchanged and shared experiences on the trend of electronic authentication in the world, advanced electronic authentication services being deployed in Korea and experience in technical implementation and operation of the system. KICA's digital signature authentication system. Also within the framework of the training course, the trainees will be guided by experts on how to manage and operate an experimental digital signature authentication system.

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