Installation instructions for digital signature EFY-CA

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A little introduction to EFY-CA digital signatures

EFY-CA digital signature is a digital certificate service of EFY Vietnam IT Joint Stock Company, newly licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications on April 5, 2018 and on July 28, 2018 the company organized Launched and signed a cooperation agreement with strategic partners until July 18, 2018 EFYCA digital signature announced the successful application upgrade on the General Department of Taxation.

Installation instructions for digital signature EFY-CA

Step 1: After you download the driver software Efy version 1.0 on the Efy homepage to your device. Or choose to install the software at the file uploaded below the article.

Then go to My computer or This PC

Step 2: Right-click—>select Open to open the installation folder.

Step 3: Find the file Efyca_p11_v1… Right click and select Open.

Step 4: A box will appear (as shown below). Choose Yes

Step 5: When the image below appears —> Select Install

Step 6: You select Vietnamse —> then click Ok.


Step 7: Click on install (as shown below)

That's it, the installation is successful.
Here is the installation instruction video

Download autorun-637620271744116929.exe

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