It is necessary to expand the market of digital signature certification services to the banking and financial sectors

Ngày đăng: 17:23 - 07/09/2021

It is necessary to expand the market of digital signature certification services to the banking and financial sectors

Commenting on the digital signature certification service market, a representative of the National Electronic Authentication Center (NEAC) said that the market currently has 15 CAs with 14 active CAs. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the number of active digital certificates on the market reached more than 1.4 million, of which business digital certificates accounted for 85.12%, personal digital certificates accounted for 14.88%. Viettel-CA and VNPT-CA are the two enterprises with the largest market share in the market. The field of digital signature application mainly falls into three areas: tax, insurance and customs.

From the above data, it can be seen that the market for digital signature certification services is fiercely competitive with a large number of CAs, focusing on a single business client file. The potential individual customer market is still open and unexplored.

Thứ trưởng Nguyễn Thành Hưng phát biểu tại Hội thảo

Regarding international experience, a NEAC representative said that Korea has only 5 CAs serving 37 million customers, equivalent to 7.4 million customers each. The use of digital certificates in this country focuses on e-banking, online market transactions, and online shopping for public services. Taiwan has 4 CAs providing services to 10 million customers, equivalent to 1 CA serving 2.5 million customers.

The NEAC representative also pointed out the existing problems in the digital signature certification service market, specifically: Unfair competition, non-compliance with state management regulations on provision of certificate services. real digital signature; The enterprise digital certificate market is saturated; The market for digital certificates for individuals is still too small; Service quality has not been measured. With the above shortcomings, the new CA license does not make the market healthier, but on the contrary consumes resources of the state and society because supply has exceeded demand.

At the seminar, representatives of the Digital Signature and Electronic Transactions Club and some CAs all agreed: Suspend licensing for new CAs. According to the CA2 representative, the factor that plays an important role in promoting the use of digital certificates is trust. As a result, most countries have only a few CAs where the state agency can centralize quality control, licensed CAs are CAs with sufficient resources to invest in research and development.

Overview of the Conference

BKAV CA and Trust CA share the view that it is necessary to soon issue technical standards and service quality to create a legal corridor, create trust for users so that digital certificates will soon be widely used in the industry. banking and finance in the near future.

In addition, there should be strict sanctions for CAs' non-compliance with the law. If any CA does business that is not in accordance with the provisions of the license, it can suspend its operation for 3 to 6 months.

Speaking at the conclusion of the Workshop, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung highly appreciated the comments, suggestions and recommendations of the CAs.

The Deputy Minister directed the NEAC to coordinate with the Digital Signature and Electronic Transaction Club to synthesize all the ideas raised in today's Workshop. Since then, the stakeholders will work together to come up with solutions to expand the market, especially to expand the use of digital signatures in the banking and financial industries.

The Deputy Minister expressed his support for strengthening propaganda on the role of digital signatures. The Ministry of Information and Communications, VCCI and related associations will organize a seminar on digital signatures in the near future, in which VCCI will play the leading role, connecting businesses.

The Deputy Minister requested CAs to closely coordinate with Tax, Customs, and Social Security to review and closely follow the customer profile array when issuing digital certificates. The Ministry of Information and Communications will strictly handle violating CAs. Strictly implementing this activity also demonstrates the responsibility of CAs for electronic transactions, towards promoting the digital economy, the Deputy Minister emphasized.

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