Newtel-CA Digital Signing Installation Instructions

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Newca digital signature software is suitable for Windows 7, Window 8, Window 10 versions...

Instructions for installing USB Token Newca
You plug USB Token Newca into the computer, the computer will receive the driver of the Token device in the lower right corner of the screen.

cắm thiết bị usb token vào máy tính

Open My Computer, when your computer receives the token device, it will display CD Drvier Newca.

driver thiết bị token newca hiển thị

Proceed to double click on the Newca icon. Or you right click and choose OPEN

nhấp chuột vào biểu tượng newca

Popup language selection will be displayed, Newca device supports 2 languages: English and Vietnamese. For your ease of use, we recommend you choose Vietnammese. Then click OK to proceed with the device installation.

lựa chọn ngôn ngữ

Select installation language

ngôn ngữ cài đặt

Click OK

chọn đồng ý cài đặt

Nhấp chọn Đi Tiếp (Continue)

nhấn button đi tiếp

Click Next again. (This section Token Device will be automatically generated in your Start folder, so feel free to click continue)

In order for the NEwca icon to be on the Desktop, in this step you should check the Create Desktop icon during the installation process. Then click Next.

Check the section Create Desktop icon to have an icon on the main screen.

Click continue

The setup steps have been completed, in this step the system will install, please click install to let the system run automatically.

The installation process takes place, at this step you do not do anything.

The system installation is complete, click Finish to complete.

Now in the lower right corner of your Desktop with the Newca icon, you have successfully installed the token device and your computer has also received the device.

Installation instruction video:


Download nca-v6-onlinesintaller-637620426158401988.exe

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