Phu Yen Electricity implements digital signature in construction in 2023

Ngày đăng: 11:17 - 09/05/2023

Phu Yen Power Company (Phu Yen PC) has guided users to use the construction phase supervision on the Construction Investment Management software system in 2 mobile and web versions, including the following tasks: design documents, electronic construction diary, construction pictures, digitally signed minutes of acceptance, completion, HSE.

Mr. Le Minh Tung – Deputy Head of PC Phu Yen Project Management Unit instructs contractors and construction supervision units to perform digital signature steps on the IIMIS 2.0 program

Contractors are allowed to install software and directly manipulate digital signing steps on the IIMIS 2.0 program (EVN’s Construction Investment Management software). /token digitally with mobile carriers to perform digital signature work, ensuring legality and information security.

PC Phu Yen is very interested in implementing digital transformation in the field of construction investment under the direction of EVNCPC, helping the construction investment work at the unit deploy smoothly and effectively./.


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